It is a requirement that all our operational crew members meet the standard set by the CAA for lower category aerodrome rescue and firefighting services; this is the minimum standard set for our operational crew members which must be achieved before they can be passed fit to ride on an operational fire appliance. The operational crews of the AVFS undertake regular practical training to achieve high standards of competence in the use of firefighting and rescue equipment, First Aid, casualty handling and rescue techniques and breathing apparatus. Theoretical training is also delivered covering the more specific aviation aspects of our work and basic firemanship. Non-operational members are encouraged to undertake training more specific to the individuals' job role.

We hold training sessions every Wednesday evening, we also aim to include training exercises during air display duties at Shuttleworth subject to our operational commitments of course. During the winter months, there are weekend training sessions which include First Aid certification, basic skills, CAA qualification training, breathing apparatus and rescue training. We also undertake training at a commercial airport with whole time airport rescue and firefighting crews.

It is expected that each operational member of the AVFS will attend a minimum 50% of all training sessions to maintain their individual competency levels.

Training is delivered using all our appliances and the equipment carried on them; Fire 2 also permits better opportunities to practice the basics of hose running, pumping and ladders. This appliance also carries more sophisticated rescue tools and specialist equipment which members are trained to use.

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